love status in english

Best love status in english for girlfriend

Best love status in english for girlfriend

Don't know what kind of virus your heart often hangs in your memory.

You are nothing without each other, this is the beauty of relationships.

All your loved ones may not want that much together, As much as i love you alone.

May God bless you always, one you and the other smile you.

This is a new phase of their love, till yesterday where I was today there is someone else.

Have heard… Across these clouds, there is a city of souls and we will meet you there, remember my name.

You are left in the sky ..... We have seen the moon on the windows.

This way, we are not fascinated by anything,You have become just a habit.

God is visible in your eyes, Because my heart beats for my heart.

It was love, That's why life was spent on you, If you love the body, Beautiful faces are sold in the market than you.

Happiness of the whole world, Your lack of place among them all.

Feel incomplete life ...I miss you.

If you are with me then what am I missing, I am happy with your every smile, Like always keep smiling, Because my life is alive in your smile.

We will do such a thing in your love, People will see you and I will remember you.

Looking at you and just watching, As if getting in the river and getting swept away.

Well you do not understand me..Why did I cry after smiling.

The first meeting was… something like that happened, They kept taking care of the child and we are the heart.

After a time everyone becomes non, To think of yourself as someone throughout my age is just the best.

Everybody comes and goes, you are breathless, How can I tell, where are you.

Bumped into those books with me, Then my heart and his books were shattered.

I try hard to forget you, My speed is slow give me a little time.

It is only through distance that we know, The proximity is so special.

Happiness of the whole world your place among them your lack of one place.

 I am not angry with you for your time which you never got for me.

You put try like this...Hey rose...Stay in this heart...Wish you again and again to meet.

Learn to swim in water, my friends, Drowning in the eye is bad.

There is a person who is my life and she is none other than my mother.

If you ever meet, tell me how it is torturing, your memories take heart out of your memories.

Give me a hand to make a deal of age, you can do a little love we will do a little.

Every color is beautiful sir just need a perspective to see it.

 I am a prisoner of dreams, punishes me realistically is not fond of easy things gives me hard fun.

The boy should be good-natured my heart is insolent.

He was so much in his life that he forgot whom....whom he did not remember.

Evidence has to be given for every single thing. Trust is indeed going through a bad phase.

She must have thrown it and threw it, she was afraid that the bangles would be drawn in her hand and we will remember it.

Just you smile me, You remain the reason not to be perfect in life, but to remain my life.

Tell the truth, did you tell them all the things Oh I kept some curtain or I told that thing.

Do not remain my unfulfilled wish, we do not intend to live again.

Don't know which of the conspiracies we fell prey to, the more the heart kept clean the more guilty it became.

After leaving the whole world, I made you my own, will you remember that someone had given heart to me.

Along with that is what one feels even after being away.

What do I have to do with others, I am just your time and want your love.

Hearing this, the madmen are not so cute, you just want to put my head on.

Moments, I have settled the moment, the smell of your memories is this thing and you are away from my eyes.

How do i get away from you, No one can live without bang.

Who says that time is very fast, sometimes wait for someone and see.

If you think you need courage, then forget me.

While staying away, we keep every news of you, we keep you so close.

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