Whatsapp status in english attitude

Whatsapp status in english attitude

 Whatsapp status in english attitude

1. We do not have problems with those people who do not like us, we have problems with those who pretend to like us. 

2. If a thorn pricks a lion's claw, it does not mean that now the secret dogs will do it. 

3. Suppose you are a lion, but do not bounce too much, we are also hunters. 

4. The fumes of our rumor arise from the same place where the fire starts in our name.

5. When the matchstick burns, then it seems that it will burn the whole world, but slowly it comes to know its location.

6. I never sit on a chair on which the feet do not fall on the ground after sitting.

7. That destination was unlucky, which we could not get, otherwise what is the point of victory which rejects us. 

8. If you remain a slave, then this world will kick as a dog, if you remain a prophet, this world will salute as a lion. 

9. Sometimes the little man also comes to work on the big thing, and sometimes the big man shows his position on the small thing. 

10. Let's have a few smiles again today, lighting some people without matches. 

11. Our havoc starts from where your fear ends. 

12. Now people do not just burn with fire, nowsome people burn only in our style. 

13. If I do not like anyone, then right, now everyone's choice is not good. 

14. You have heard that the mirror is starting to like you less nowadays, it seems that they have come to know, we have started liking you. 

15. If the time comes, you know when the time comes, Friends, no matter how much the giddha shouts at night, in the morning it is the lion's dominance. 

16. If it is good then let it be good, if it becomes bad then where is your chance of facing it. 

17. What is she, who has no story, and what is that girl who is not our addict. 

18. We have loved it with its simplicity, otherwise we have not become slaves of beauty. 

19. We will reveal our status with our eyes, pass by and we will make you smile. 

20. Everyone who has no one has his mobile.

21. People say that you should forgive your enemy, I believe the same, but after torturing them, they torture me.

22. Time has trapped me, but I am not disturbed, I will not be defeated by the circumstances, I am not that person. 

23. People do not change, but get exposed due to the wealth, fame and status. 

24. I do not make promises that I cannot fulfill, and I do not do more than I say. 

25. Come on, you are the best person, but your status is cheaper than my cigarette. 

26. You left me, no problem. But you are no longer with me so much. 

27. It was because of this heart that you were special, Otherwise you believe that you were very rubbish.

28. What will spoil someone of mine, he has written my luck, which no one can spoil anything. 

29. We have made a promise to ourselves, now do not want anyone to do more than what they want.

30. My name costs more than my size and more than my cost is the cost of my cigarette.

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