Attitude status in english

Attitude status for boys in english

Attitude status for boys in english

Time will change, today is yours tomorrow will be mine.

Everyone's skill is different, friend hides someone, someone's splash.

I don't like the happiness I got in the bailout, I live in my sorrows too like the Nawabo. 

I was fond of becoming a good person since childhood, but childhood is over and hobby is over.

Matchbox is a bad name just like this, our attitude is still on fire.

I have given up worrying about a bad name. Now when I commit crime, then there will be mahors too.

Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends ..!  Otherwise, even today, enemies recognize us by the name of the Father.

People say stop now but my courage says just a little more your destination is near.

Who needs enemies now, you are enough to give me pain.

Standing in the crowd is not my purpose, but the crowd I stand for is what I want to become.

 My fans are very nice, And my enemies are children right now.

The doors of success open for him only Who dare to knock those doors.

Where do enemies meet so easily, Many people have to do well.

Our name is not so weak, To be infamous with two or four dogs being burnt.

Some people are upset with us, It is a testimony of our being.

Seeing me crazy to understand, It is important to be intelligent.

Just boy should be wise, I will make him mad myself.

This is the difference between your love and my nature, Your Attitude does not go and I do not know how to bow.

I'm a naughty girl, I do not directly affect my heart.

Dogs are begging to give proof of their life, And the silence of the forest tells the presence of the lioness.

It is not in my nature to let anyone down, And if someone is saved by showing me something, he is not in his luck.

Some are right, some are bad, People call us impaired prophet.

Your happiness is the greatest punishment for your loved ones.

Whenever you come visit us in very deep water, Because the prized treasure does not get on the edges.

Who thrive in storms, The same world changes.

Listen son Sharif we are not our rules.

The man must have a big liver, I also have big plots of cats.

From tomorrow, only one thing will be our name, And all the work of enemies.

Some things do not mix with money, And we cherish the same things.

Just a few moments of silence, There will be noise in the ears again, Your only time, Our round will come.

Hate in hearts, love juwan, Some people do just this business in the world.

There is no problem with fear of liver hair,We also put steps where there is no way.

We were born decent, But never made up of his own dignity.

We can keep everyone happy, that Salika doesn't know us, But I do not know how to show what I am not.

Romantic is from childhood, But Attitude has inherited me.

Money makes the world go, Like us, we go with Attitude.

My Style and Attitude are the most different, If you go out to compete you will be ruined.

Attitude is from childhood, When I was born, I did not even talk to anyone for a year and a half.

Be it the king or the master, we do not salute, We do not slavery money or any princess.

Learn to live within your limits, Because those who knock in our eyes, They wander in the crematorium.

I am Bindas because my intentions are Highclaas.

Now you have come to hostile with me, Because Yamraj is our younger brother.

If someone respects his octave more, So he starts considering himself as your father.

Buzzer in chess, and death in human conscience, So consider the game over.

The greatest fool, who thinks we have a fool, Who knows how much water I recognize.

When enmity started coming in fun, So the enemies also start asking for the page.

Iyashi in front of your father, And don't forget bullying in front of us.

If you want to get something in life, Change your ways, not intentions.

If you give right, your hate is also acceptable, Otherwise, do not take your love in the bailout.

That's enough to understand my mood, I never belong to everyone.

One day its own entry will be like a lion,Where the noise is less, the fear will be more.

If a thorn gets stuck in the lion's paws, So this does not mean that now dogs will rule.

What is the attitude of children, We show the status of people.

Today we will smile again, Today again we will burn people without matches.

There should also be a little attitude in prison, Otherwise, if you meet more leanly, This world makes the back pedestal.

We only listen to the loud voice, No one else.

Our own Attitude has its own class, But where Attitude fails, There is its rule.

We stumble too walking very well even under the open sky sina lives with a tan.

If you want to leave us, then go, But go straight to hell to hear one thing.

There is only one shortcoming in bad people, We work on time.

The son strutted that much, As much as you want.

Borrowed from cigarette baller and love the beautiful girl no matter how much is stopped.

Attitude is a hobby of ours otherwise, only the gestures of our intoxicated eyes are enough to establish.

Even if I see millions, But the one I will see will be one in crores.

I am alone till today luck is bad, not mine, boys, Which till date no Impress has been able.

We have strut, we have attitude, Nevertheless, look at the mercy, everyone is compelled to love us.

Hey listen as you think i don't, And you can never imagine how we are.

Those who consider themselves kings, They will definitely dance in their court.

Suppose you are the queen of Attitude, Suppose your style is dynastic, But you too listen to this world more than me.

What is fun in living like this, Until the fire starts in the enemy's chest.

If you are Doll, then I am Dollar, If you are Brand, then I am Branded.

The one who burns with us, went from side to side.

We keep our style aside, People are fond of staying in Attitude, And we are fond of breaking attitude.

This is us who are playing your love, On the day you leave, you will know your status on that day.

If you have a strong relationship with Bale, So your land can do nothing wrong.

I do not need makeup, Because my smile makes me cute.

You are not with me, no problem, Shehzadi cried for you, not so much for you.

Both our thinking and our identity, You are out of your place.

Now we are not so naive, You pass the time, we think of him as love.

He told us that my enmity will cost you, I said, I do not apply mascara even if it is cheap.

There is so much current in my attitude, That you will blaze.

We do not like the happiness found in the bailout, We live in sorrow like a prophet.

Like the lion's movement shakes the forest, In the same way, the status of our Status logo is shown.

The name can be followed by everyone, There should be power to run the bus.

If someone blows with love, you will be extinguished, Big storms were extinguished by hatred to extinguish me.

We just want to explain one thing to you, It is a hundred times better than the mean people.

Smart people don't argue, They just go up in flames.

If they were together, they might have improved, Leaving him he made us stray.

No matter how sinful the enemy is, We are alone enough for that.

We are a sea, let us be silent, If you wave, then the city will sink.

Ishq never wants Mehrabani sahib.

Trust must come, What is the doubt that he installs.

Not only clothes, Thinking should also be branded.

My Attitude is my sign, You tell me you have some problems.

My style and my attitude are both out of your place, The day it will be known will die on that day.

We will show our attitude when the time comes, we will show the city by purchasing it.

They will not be able to play my character even one day, Those people who give me advice are thousand.

The real fun of life comes when, Even when the enemies are desperate to join hands with you.

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