Best whatsapp status

Best whatsapp status

Best whatsapp status

Relationships don't lie nowadays rather than telling the truth they break.

Those people do the race, as if they are trying their luck, we are the players who play with their luck.

What to boast about father's wealth, Fun is when the wealth is ours and the proud father.

Death comes to everyone, but not everyone lives.

Whenever thunderstorms clouded me, today it thunders more than clouds.

Whether you watch life or whatsapp, you only see status.

Those who do not mention in front, they worry a lot in the heart.

A good person has a bad thing, he considers everyone good.

There is silence for a while....Then there will be noise in the ears…your only time is…Our phase will come.

Nowadays people spend most of their time in impressing unknown people and ignore their loved ones.

We are the ones who will never improve, either BLOCK or tolerate.

Keep in your eyes, enemy's bones can be broken by weapons.

Read so much for me not hard work the harder the work is for the people, Make sure i'm studying.

What you blindly trust, often opens your eyes.

Hear me you are the best enemies, who  speak everyday that they will not leave you.

Time is not visible but a lot is shown.

Time does not have enough time to give you time again.

Time is not dumb just silence time tells who's who.

There are some wishes still left, even after breaking, it seems that there is still more to break.

Jolly was famous, our simplicity was also amazing, We were mischievous too intha, now lonely are also unmatched.

Sir, who has learned from just things, An accident is important for everyone to learn.

A cloud is open so much rain is so much in my eyes everyday.

Falling leaves are the biggest example that if you become a burden then you will also fall.

His biggest enemy is his mind, Catching brings those moments that hurt.

Not adopted by heart, he did not even understand, This is also a relationship in which there is no brotherly relationship.

Things have been slipped from their hands often, Our heart is also with him.

Stumbling does not seem to cause a person to fall, Stumbling is so that a person can recover.

It doesn't take time to forgive, It takes ages to forgive from the heart.

Everyone knows how to speak but when, Very few people know what to say.

One thing is certain in life, That nothing is fixed.

They hurt a lot so much, Just like they wanted God and we humans came out.

After time passes, Only repentance is at hand.

The gap was a little bit and could not be erased, Our love was unmatched, we could not tell.

Wrong with someone must wait.

Let' s go now, what will you do by listening to stories, You will not understand silence and left will not be with us.

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