Branded kamina status in english

Branded kamina status in english

Branded kamina status in english

Friend says brother like you Did not see ever said brother would never see only one is left.

Something like this will be, The threads of fortune will have to bend for good.

When the _name itself shows cashness Think how we will be.

Awe ask them, Those who tell their Girlfriend first block it.

Where to get it everyday, A new heart, Those who break, Jokes are made.

You were also in the heart yesterday… and still is today, Just till yesterday was in the favorite list, today it is in the block list.

There is no such machine from here singleFrom there I go with Cute girl.

Hello you make me up, Or break up with someone else, You are rejected, you are rejected, And remain reject.

Some boys like us are so handsome that the girl rejects herself in her mind, it will not break.

On the day I will show strength, in the eyes, will not be able to recognize the father's eyes and the father of one's own self.

Which star did you block me, Seeing Unblock, your friend fell in love with me.

Our Attitude is like that Revolver, seeing Hi people burst Jaati Hai.

My love is also official, Neither file advances, Neither case ends.

He is the only person whose life is not a story, What is that girl, whose boyfriend, we are not.

If you respect someone more than his / her status, then he / she starts thinking of themselves as your father.

If you show respect, You will get respect, If you show your faith, You will get nothing from me.

Seeing my profile, every girl thinks that brother in law is the most friendly, I wish I could fall in love with me.

Do not open my old books now, No one knows what I was that I am not.

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