Facebook status in english

Facebook status in english

facebook status in english

You can kill me and finish it. But how will you finish my thinking.

It is amazing sun in my city, Yet some people do not burn with sun.

Our time will come like this, he who hates will also like us.

The world also listens to silence, But first there is a boom.

The intention was to explain the situation by writing to him, But the era called us the status king.

Hearing the Handsomeness, Anyone will fall in love, but the other cone in you, Like me, will die.

Some people are jealous of my STATUS, Now who will tell them that Demand_line️ of our status is higher than Demand_line of Economics.

I will change with the speed of time but whenever I meet the style will be old.

Our love has made you famous for being unfaithful, otherwise you are not in the limelight.

If I try a little, my candidates get, Encouragement and live in a little attitude, Then I do not know why the world burns with me.

Today that girl also copies my status, which used to say to me in 10th, 99 out of 100 came.

Today morning, I received a call from the income tax people, said don't put such a great STATUS, Otherwise I will impose tax.

My enemies cannot see my happiness, But those people cannot even uproot me.

No one can beat him until the person loses himself.

He did so much in his life, he forgot whom, whom he did not remember.

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