Love whatsapp status

love whatsapp status

 Best love whatsapp status

I am not rich but I keep a conscience, which no one can bid.

Don't look so angry at your Lover, because your mobile cover is better than your Lover.

Main Cheese Original, You are Fake Note, more than your body, my Dp is Hot.

I am a boy, not a pencil, who will die on every line.

Our value is in what we are, not in what we have.

We recognize only two types of humans, one friend and the other enemy.

If you want to know the height of a person, then find out who his biggest enemy is, the bigger the enemy, the bigger he is.

Luck is everyone's friend, But we don't need luck, good luck.

What happens in our eyes, the story is ours, it is our habit to remain in attitude.

I think of something different, everyone is fond of the floor and I like the way.

We are the kings of the heart, Those who listen are heartbroken and do it.

Time is bad, so I keep on bowing, When my mind is bad then I will take account every moment.

Listen son, the sun of your bullying shines on many highs, But it will sink in front of us.

We only do so much on this style, Whether it is love or hate we abound.

Now-a-days it is the wise one, who learns to bow down by observing the attitude of the times, and learn to bow down to the enemy by watching the attitude change.

People angry with us, often keep an eye on us.

There is no problem with fear of liver hair, we step there where there is no way.

There will be only one work from tomorrow, my name and the work of enemies.

By keeping the beard, we do not understand Devdas, Bearing is also one of our styles.

Sun Pagli considered that you are the queen of Attitude, Your cuteness is dynastic, But more than you, the world is crazy about me.

Hearing this, Pagli Yalone does not go to the market, My friends call and ask, brother where is your girl.

Look, speak English as much as you pleaseBut one day you will have to speak in Urdu Confess confess confess.

Listen, you have the bones in your body.I have girls in more sets than that in college.

Sorry Pagli, you are late, Your friend is set in your chakkar.

Listen, you speak as much as English, More than that, English we drink mixed with water.

There is silence of some time, then there will be noise in the ears, your time is only, our time will come.

Nowadays people are proud of themselves,But we have to keep our attitude.

Hey listen, only two people step on their hideout, one who has steely liver, and the other who has zero figure.

I do not mind, whether praising me or maligning me, but openly do whatever you do.

Hear those dates are a matter of time, today is yours, tomorrow will be mine, but think if tomorrow will be mine, then what will happen to you.

Do not try to be like us, Because lions are born, they are not made.

Whoever the king is, but where we step, our rule only goes there.

I don't steal anyone's heart, What do people do by letting me go.

Tell my dear friends, nowadays we have stopped celebrating. 

Listen I am the father of the city in which you do fun and you are spoiled son, I am spoiled since childhood.

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