Royal nawabi status in english

Royal nawabi status in english

Royal nawabi status in English

Your memory is like my perfume, Life smells whenever it comes.

If they were together, they might have improved, Leaving him he made us stray.

At some point or other, she will meet,W hich will make our photo your wallpaper.

Oh God, how come this is flooded, I am on fast and Mehboob is benqab_aya.

The coin is of both, Heads also have Tale,
But time is only the one who turns up and comes up.

We still have power in our skills, Colors are absorbed when we step into the office.

There is no color in rain water, Still makes Fiza colorful.

Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends, Otherwise, even today the enemies recognize us by the name of the Father.

We want our enemies too, Because of that we become our identity.

Why should i be like someone else, In times when no one is like me.

The name does not get made in a day, but it definitely becomes one day.

They ask how to be happy even in such a sorrow, I said do not support me, man is with you.

What will scare me death, We have taken birth in a slum.

Trust must come, What is the doubt that he installs.

Give her a sports gem too, she plays very well from the heart.

We are already spoiled, what a mess ours will take.

So much I understood him, he was going and I was not even surprised.

So many complaints, so many conditions, so many restrictions you have loved or bargained.

People of the world say that you win everyone's heart, But what do they know, I am also losing my own.

We are the ones who know the truth by putting eyes in the eyes, Love to you just because your lies also accept the truth.

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