Whatsapp status in english

Whatsapp status in english

Whatsapp status in english

Not on hand lines Rather, trust the person making the lines.

No matter how good you are, It will never happen that everyone is happy with you.

Don't ever stand up, Flight starts on the ground and ends on the ground.

I want it overnight, Sleep thinking, Don't know that, Don't know mine, Must be learning to cook or Make me you.

Aim in the sky, But keep your feet on the ground.

Sitting shocked taking the thread of time, Let the spirit fester, to weave my dreams.

They fade away, Those who had pride in themselves, They survived by drowning, The Lord was kind to you.

Trying to bring happiness from life to the house through the door, I do not know when the age came out of the windows.

A girl said to me, you were black before, now how did you become white, Now how to tell him that earlier I had a business of coal, now I have a flour mill.

In this way, children were four, Children but in old age .. gave sticks.

When God would have made love, Would have tried it myself, What is our status, This love must have made God cry too.

Very carefully go through mystic, These people ask for water from the Sukhi river.

The desire of praise is for the failed people, even the enemies of capable people are convinced.

Why do you increase importance by hating someone, even the way to forgive and shame is not bad.

I bowed every moment and people sat in court, I just played humanity but people sat down themselves.

I still remember the journey of your street, I was not a scientist, but my search was excellent.

Who kept the account, how much was given to whom, and who saved how much, so God did easy math, sent everyone empty handed, Called empty handed only.

Going to her village, Every procession is scared.

Went to offer a sheet at the shrine, The queue was long, Put a sheet on the shoulders of a fakir and he said, Allah fulfill your wishes.

Yatimi brings all the troubles of the world, Have you heard that if the Father is alive, even thorns do not prick.

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