Attitude status for fb in english

Attitude status for fb in english

Attitude status for fb in english

He could not understand my love so much as you do and I cut my hand for you so much you are not special.

Listen, they are written to burn only in your blood and only to burn in our blood.

We have no habit of playing with anyone's heart and no one can play with our heart so no one has strength.

He said give me one more chance I said go deceive someone else now.

Hear me, love was not my habit and listen to this too and now I have changed bad habits.

Human beings should be supported in sorrow otherwise eunuchs come to dance in happiness.

Make a fortune, make you like a lion because even the dogs of the street know to scare.

Just live the way you don't think ignore it.

If you have the power to listen then tell me one thing what is my attitude.

We live life in glory only then my enemies burn in my name.

Said neither Entry will be a little late but most will be Greate.

Do not show so much pain because the powder with which you make makeup we do not play carrom with that powder.

I live alone and do not have the habit of becoming a dog by living in a herd like a prophet.

Do not be so proud that you will be hot in your own eyes just walk outside and see how smart we are in the eyes of the world.

Listen they do evil with full enthusiasm, because evil only does that which does not equal.

Do not dare to talk to us and talk to erase us.

My name is enough for peace otherwise the weapon also carries the watchman.

Listen, you used to say that when we walk the world stops but we say when we walk the world is bent.

Hey listen, we have no grief to become an ace of command nor are we good clowns who will come in our life or will completely reverse it.

Listen to those whom you shirk or are not your old spoon.

We are not fond of living in the discussion we have discussions about everything.

What did you sleep in peace you started understanding your secret.

Your life will pass, but you will not know what my status is because my status is not there.

Listen I am aware of my fame and we salute those whom you salute.

If I want to join hands, then I have to learn to bear or else learn to live in my position.

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