Feeling sad status in english

Feeling sad status in english

Feeling sad status in english

Those who have very good heart often have bad luck.

I am not angry with you for your time which you never got for me.

There is a lot of loving father behind every successful boy.

The gift that we got from our special one is very special.

Happiness is the joy of enjoying with a small or big family.

People here try to test each other but never understand each other.

Happiness of the whole world your place among them your lack of one place.

Make sure to remember your sister's smile once before ruining a girl's life.

Believe that breaking a relationship and crying once and being in a relationship is a million times better than crying every day.

Love is the thing that makes my friend cry even when he is defeated.

Sad mood status

Everyone should find someone who never lets them cry.

Perfect relationship means a little wrangling and lots of love.

What is the love that does not fight.

Very cute when a boyfriend celebrates his angry girlfriend with love.

Some people lose their relationship due to their ego.

Have you ever slept in the night shedding tears in memory of someone.

I just remember him when no one else is with him.

Those who love also take care of each other.

Passion in love but relaxed in friendship.

When someone starts to be close to others then the feeling of distances starts to increase.

Very sad status

When someone ignores us without talking, truth is very sad.

On the go he had just told me to take my own life that way, you make love good.

Is there anything in your life that your day does not go well without talking.

A person laughs in front of everyone but weeps only in front of the person on whom he trusts excessively.

Love is one in which there is no hope of meeting anyone yet wait for it.

There was no intention to go away from you but how could you stop when you were not ours.

I am tired hiding the pain and people say that, I am smiling a lot.

No girl is bad at heart, He also has a compulsion which people call cheating.

The relationship of love should be so strong that it never breaks due to any third person.

Do not take me away from you, I have very little reason to live.

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