Whatsapp status in english about love

Whatsapp status in english about love

Whatsapp status in english about love

Often people show weapons to increase their panic, but our eyes are enough to increase your heartbeat.

There are very few people who love my mind, and there are even fewer people who understand me.

If you want to live like this, then the father also felt that I did not raise a lion, no dog.

Those who never used to reply, now their salutations also started, when the time changed, then Neem also started coming.

If you want to dream, then look very high, because many people are sitting down to show off.

We are not in the habit of doing friendship like name work like others.

Do not tear your eyes give the heart a little rest, what I see just pay attention to your hair.

If I look straight, do not understand that I am straightforward, I make people smuggle like smoke and make them small like bidis.

I am calm, do not let me remain calm, do not force me too much and my silence will break and your thunderbolt may fly away.

Girls make new boyfriends then, When they get better than the old Bale and the boys make new girlfriends when the first Bali leaves them.

Those who sit and laugh with you, Then this snake bites like a snake.

This world is like a salute to the mouth and people defame it in the temple.

If you show sharafat, this world will malign and if you remain malign, this world will salute.

Everyone's hands are not ready to be sold, this is my heart, there is no newspaper in your city.

Do not try to fool a woman, Lose all wisdom on one of his actions.

Do not spend time without any reason, do not go where you are.

They will be jealous of your Attitude but people die on my Attitude.

We are those arrows that can rip off the Himalayas and make their way, no one can join us, but we can change this world alone.

I have a duty to punish enemies, I do not raise my hands, just drop them from the eyes.

If you feel bad about me, then forget to think that you can spoil me.

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