Whatsapp status love

Whatsapp status love

Whatsapp status love

The lion definitely gets a Saba lion one day or the other, and we are a lion since childhood.

Some girls have everything given above except my no K.

I am a prisoner of dreams, punishes me realistically is not fond of easy things gives me hard fun.

Listen no matter how high the sun of your bullying shines if it shines in our limits it will sink.

There is a person who is my life and she is none other than my mother.

The girls say that we are girls today as if the boys had come out of the excavation of Harappa.

The one who has the courage to walk alone has a convoy behind him.

If God wants to write STATUS I will write history one day.

Be happy because if you stay SAD then no one will mind the hour.

We treat our enemies like a dog and whenever we bake we come with bread.

We revenge those whose hearts are small we forgive and remove them from the heart.

When someone starts hating you, understand that he cannot compete with you.

There is no degree in your thermometer that measures the scale of my ATTITUDE.

The rites keep silent or else we also know how to answer in everyone's language.

Some people talk so naive like no one knows about their dark misdeeds.

I respect you not slavery, when I can sit in the moment I can drop from my eyes.

If we want to understand then understand with heart if you apply your mind then you will be hung.

If they want to enmity, then do it with your right hair and not with your father.

If we wanted to convince you dear friend you have not changed my anger.

Do not talk about the collision the day you face you will erase the celebrity.

What do you do to burn with us you do something amazing your friends refer to you and us.

We listen to the songs of the high priest not anyone else.

Matchbox is notorious in name our attitude still sets fire.

Your Attutde is a story of two days and my Attitude is a family.

We apologize to those who apologize and if they speak with us we clear them.

We do not give emotion to anyone and we do not bear anyone's airs.

We have only one principle love is too much and hate is more than that.

Why is anyone afraid of a gun but our eyes are enough to spread fear in people.

Listen if you are a fire then we also love you to burn me.

Do not stop the person coming do not let the boy interrupt, I am a prophet, I never bow down in front of anyone.

Suppose you are the queen of beauty but listen to me I will play such that I will not keep watching.

Our style is different we reduce the love of girls more and we are less and dragging more killing our enemies.

Tears fell from the eyes and people who fell from the eyes never lift.

If you are worried you will burn yourself and you will be carefree and the world will burn.

Do love if you still show your status then do it once.

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